Educational School Tours of Italy

An educational experience for your school group they'll never forget.

Mario, Viny and Gianni Vitellone share their love, passion and expert knowledge of Italy to ensure your school group has a truly memorable experience. We draw from our many years of teaching as well as over 15 years of experience as tour leaders for both adult and school groups to give you a comprehensive and enjoyable trip.

As your personal guides and tour organisers, we are bi-lingual, have studied in Italy and have extensive knowledge of the history, culture and the Italian way of life. Our tours can focus on many educational areas such as History, Arts, Food, Music or Archeological depending on requests made by individual schools.

One of the signature features of our school tours program is that a member of our team will personally guide your group for the duration of the tour. Our attention to detail and hands-on approach, means that all aspects of the itinerary are carefully managed, making the experience come alive, whilst eliminating the pressures on teachers during the tour.


Independent Travel

We also provide a variety of personalised itineraries to tailor for the specific requirements of schools for independent travel. With our fully accredited travel arm: Pronto Travel, we supply a comprehensive package including Flights, Travel Insurance, Accommodation, Transport, Guided Tours, Educational Workshops and any other travel needs.


Sister School Program

As part of your Italy tour, we can include your sister school as part of your overall itinerary. This would include visits to other destinations that your group would like to visit.


Destinations outside of Italy

We have extended our school tours program to outside of Italy, in countries such as Germany, France and Spain.

If your school wishes to visit one of the above-mentioned countries, we can arrange a suitable itinerary for your school. You may wish to combine visits to more than one country, we at Vita Italian Tours can facilitate this as well.


Our comprehensive services for School Tours include:

  • Itineraries are individually tailored to meet the unique needs and budget of your students and school community.
  • Fully inclusive packages include airfares, accommodation, transportation, travel insurance, meals, language, art, hospitality, music educational expenses and organisation of tours and events.
  • Ongoing extensive consultation between the school community and tour leaders throughout the planning process.
  • Reliable, organised and highly experience tour leaders who all speak both English and Italian fluently.
  • Itineraries include a well-balanced mix of educational and cultural experiences as well as visits to famous landmarks, galleries and museums.
  • Language school experience using only accredited and internationally recognised schools in Milan, Florence, Venice, Orvieto, Perugia, Pescara, Pesaro/Urbino, Salerno, Padova & Taormina in Sicily.
  • Accommodation in 2/3/4 star hotels and home-stay with host families (if requested).
  • Educational workshops in Florentine leather-making, traditional Venetian mask decoration, Majolica Ceramic making and decoration, master glassblowing demonstrations in Murano, cooking lessons and gelato making.
  • Visits to local schools, music conservatoire or art lessons with local artists.
  • Language school experiences using only accredited internationally recognised schools in Germany, France and Spain.
  • Comprehensive pre-departure kit including maps, emergency numbers, vouchers and background information on destinations.
  • Complimentary informative presentations at your school for teachers, students and the school community on request.


Our tours offer: flexibility of destinations, choice of activities and types of accommodation.

The price of a tour depends on a number of factors:

  • Number of students and teachers travelling
  • Duration of the tour
  • Time of year you wish to travel (low or high season)
  • Requested destinations
  • Type & quality of accommodation
  • Extended stays in other countries

Optional inclusions:

  • Extra guided tours
  • Educational workshops
  • Cooking classes

Contact us to plan your next educational and cultural experience to Italy.

View our Terms & Conditions page for our school and education tours, please get in touch if you have questions.

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